Tara Perry

"One of my favorite parts of working with Sierra was the interpersonal relationship we developed. I was not just a client, I was someone she was interested in helping me become better than what I think I can be. There was a lot of focus on improvement but we got to work together as a team to develop and work towards the goals that were important to me." 

Sam lingwall

"Kevin’s coaching has made me realize not only how knowledgeable he is, but also how committed he is. He is determined towards progressing his athletes with a passion very few people have. Kevin is a great coach and will help anyone achieve their goals."

Rosalie Fish

"When Kevin coached me, he provided an educational, strategic, prosperous, and successful running experience. Workouts, warm-ups, and race plans were always intentional. I flourished in my competitions and showed consistent growth. Kevin created my current foundation for running in which his tips and tactics I still use to this day as a collegiate runner."