Running coaching

Standard Package 

(Washington residents price does not include sales tax)


  • Initial phone consultation.

  • Weekly individualized training plans.

    • Including customized warm up​.

  • 24/7 contact with your own running coach.

  • Guidance with goal setting and race selection, strategy and pacing.

  • Proactive feedback on your training via your training log.

  • Weekly email providing feedback, analysis, and guidance/explanation for upcoming training.

  • 10% off if you sign up for three months.

*Discount for couch to 5k runners!

Premium Package 

(Washington residents price does not include sales tax)

  • Same as the standard package plus:

    • Two in person coaching session with individualized workouts per month. Time and place is mutually agreed upon by coach and runner.

*10% discount, per month, per person if you sign up another runner to the premium program, 15% discount if there are three runners that sign up as a group.

Couch to 5k & High School Runners

(Washington residents price does not include sales tax)

  • Same as the standard package at a lower rate. 

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