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Choosing The Right Gym

Are you trying to find a gym? Or are you currently a member at a gym that you never go to?

Here are five things to think about before signing up at a gym to make sure you get the most bang for your buck:


Choosing a gym that is in a convenient location is one of the biggest indicators for whether you will go consistently or not. If you can pick a gym that is on a route you travel almost everyday. For example, a gym between your home and work is ideal because you can pack your gym bag and head straight there after work!

Gym Hours

Make sure the gym you are going to join is open during the hours you are most likely to workout! Smaller studio gyms, or group personal training studios can have limited hours compared to bigger box gyms.

Training Options

If you are looking to hire a personal trainer or join a group fitness class, ask what the gym offers, if any classes are included in the membership, and price ranges so you know what to expect before signing up.

Secondly, ask what certifications and education the gym requires their trainers and group instructors to have. Look for a gym that hires trainers who have degrees in exercise science, a nationally recognized certification, and experience helping others with the same goals you have.

Guest Privileges

Not all gyms have the same guest options and if you are thinking of bringing friends or family with you to the gym it’s worth asking what the gym’s guest policy is or if their membership allows you to bring a guest for free.

Overall Value

Have a budget and what you are looking for in a gym in mind before you walk in, this will help you quickly determine if it’s the right gym for you!

Compare the cost of the gym and the amount, type, and quality of equipment that is available.

Overall, finding the right gym for you comes down to where the gym is, what you want in a gym, and what your budget is!

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