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Are You Eating Enough?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

You might not be eating enough if you are experiencing:

Lack of energy

Feeling tired/lethargic

Constantly hungry or thinking about food

Amenorrhea (loss of menstrual cycle)

Difficulty regulating blood sugar levels

Disrupted sleep

Food cravings

Hair loss


Inability to gain muscle or hit PRs

Inability to lose weight

Irregular periods

Lack of appetite

Mood swings

Lack of sex drive

While I don’t recommend tracking your food every day - especially with the state of the world and the amount of stress everyone is under - it might be a good idea to try tracking your food for a few days every so often to check in and make sure you are getting enough!

Most active women need more than 1800-2000+ calories/day (and generally men need more than that), if we are working out 30-60 min and getting 7-10k steps in.

Chronic under-eating can cause low thyroid levels, low hormone levels, poor sleep, feeling like trash during a workout, not seeing progress in the gym or with body composition goals, and the other things listed above.

Here’s what you can do:

⭐️Monitor caffeine intake, as caffeine can suppress hunger and interrupt normal hunger cues.

⭐️Too much exercise can also contribute to not feeling hungry, rest days are important!!

⭐️Do your best to eat at the same times each day, creating a routine will help your body start to expect food at certain times and send you hunger cues.

⭐️ Eat protein, carbs, and fats at every meal!

⭐️ Use precision nutritions energy requirements calculator to determine about how much food you need each day!

Macro Calculator:

Happy Training!

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