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5 Easy Strength Exercises for Runners

One of the things we hear the most after racers cross the Tunnel Marathon finish line is that they wish they had incorporated more strengthening exercises into their training. Many racers find that their quads are especially sore after the race due to the slight decline throughout the whole race.

Here are 5 quick and easy exercises you can incorporate into your training to help you prepare for race day! (click on the exercise to see how to do it!)

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats

  2. Step Up (Progressions Included)

  3. Goblet Squats

  4. Lateral Taps

  5. Side Plank with Hip Flexion & Extension

If you are interested in a more in depth strength training program that includes warm-ups, sets, reps, and a progression of exercises over the course of 12 weeks, check out our strength training programs designed specifically for marathon racers! You can find the digital programs here:

Happy Training!

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